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12 Jul 2024 
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 Misc (4)

 Windows Vista compatible?
 All our WMV videos should play in the bundled media player in Windows Vista. However you could encounter problems trying to stream the videos. If you are having trouble streaming the videos please try the following: In control panel>internet options>co
 I upgraded my trial membership and I can't access the full members area.
 If you have upgraded your membership and you still see the trial members area we suggest that you clear your browsers cache memory, restart your browser, then relogin. You should also logout from the trial members area by clicking the "Logout" link.
 The Audio is out of sync with Video
 If the audio and video is out of sync you can easily adjust it with a few taps on either the "j" or "k" button on your keyboard when playing the movie in VLC media player. You can download VLC Media Player
 What video quality are your videos in?
 All new updates are encoded in fullscreen (720x544) and with a bitrate of 3000kbit/s. Our older updates are encoded with in 448x336 and with a bitrate of 1500-1800kbit/s.
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